More Final Fantasy Pullblox/Pushmo QR code bookmarks

Just before Christmas, I posted some bookmarks with Pullblox QR codes for characters from Final Fantasy I-III. Now I’m back with new bookmarks containing QR codes for characters from the SNES Final Fantasy games: IV, V and VI. I also did an alternative version of the one for FFIV, as there was a piece of concept art from the DS remake of the game I particularly liked (the QR codes are identical though). You’ll need to open the links to see the full-size versions – ‘View Image’ just shows you the thumbnail.

You can find smaller versions of the bookmarks, along with some other Pullblox bits and pieces, in my imgur gallery. Have fun!

Pullblox/Pushmo puzzle index

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8 thoughts on “More Final Fantasy Pullblox/Pushmo QR code bookmarks

  1. BluesClues says:

    Maybe it’s just my printer, but the qr codes don’t seem to be working when printed out because they’re not big enough or or not hd or whatever. Only works when gotten online.

    • Adrian says:

      Do the QR codes look blurred or anything when you print them out? The only other thing I can think of is that your camera might not be getting enough light – when you read a code off a screen the code itself is emitting light but with a physical code your 3DS might be blocking the light and making it too dark to read.

      • BluesClues says:

        The QR codes are blurred and I doubt it’s because it’s not getting enough light because I noticed that when playing the AR games so I knew to check for lighting problems. I guess it’ll only work if I print it out as a whole page >.<

        • Adrian says:

          I might have worked it out – unless you click on the link to get to the image you just see the thumbnail, which is blurred. I’ve added a note to the posts and changed the size of the thumbnail, so hopefully that should make everything clearer.

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