Final Fantasy Pullblox/Pushmo QR code bookmarks

I’ve been meaning to write a blog post about the Mass Effect series recently, but I’ve just been completely unable to tear myself away from Pullblox, which is a fantastic new puzzle game released through the 3DS eShop (although it’s called Pushmo outside of Europe). The great thing about Pullblox is that you can create puzzles and share them using QR codes. Since I can’t give you a blog post about Mass Effect, I guess the least I can do is share the fruits of my puzzle-based labour. Here are three Final Fantasy bookmarks containing puzzles based on the characters from the first three games in the series. You can use them to get the puzzle codes, or you could even print them out to share with other people or use them to mark your place in whatever you’re reading (you’ll need to open the links to view the full size versions – ‘View Image’ will just show you the thumbnail). Have fun! Oh, and Merry Christmas!

Update: New bookmark for the upgraded job classes in Final Fantasy added, 30/01/12.

Pullblox/Pushmo puzzle index

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3 thoughts on “Final Fantasy Pullblox/Pushmo QR code bookmarks

  1. […] Just before Christmas, I posted some bookmarks with Pullblox AR codes for characters from Final Fant…. Now I’m back with new bookmarks containing AR codes for characters from the SNES Final Fantasy games: IV, V and VI. I also did an alternative version of the one for FFIV, as there was a piece of concept art from the DS remake of the game I particularly liked (the AR codes are identical though). […]

  2. […] lazy in not doing puzzles for the upgraded job classes, so I’ve done a bookmark with them on. You can find that over at the post for Final Fantasy I-III. I’m also going to add an index at the bottom of each puzzle post to aid navigation. Enjoy […]

  3. […] Final Fantasy I-III bookmarks (new puzzles added 30/01/12) […]

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