Minecraft: Edge Rail

I play on the Edge forum’s Minecraft server and I’ve prepared a video showing a round trip on the server’s railway, as there are some members of the forum who are interested in the goings-on in Minecraft but don’t have the game themselves. I thought I’d post it here as well. Everything on the server is hand-mined and hand-built, so a lot of hard work (not a lot of it mine) has gone into building the extensive rail network. I find it kind of interesting that people want to share the experience, even if they don’t want to participate in it. Here’s the video.

There was a bit of a disaster part way through making the video – a zombie dropped down onto the station I’d just arrived at and, bizarrely, looked like it was trying to hijack the minecart. But fortunately it was possible to edit it out pretty seamlessly – the show must go on!

A screenshot of Minecraft showing a zombie apparently attempting to ride a minecart

Yes, this is a genuine screenshot

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